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The history of the site

In the environs of Sochaux, it’s on the oldest PSA Peugeot Citroën industrial site still active.

The Terre Blanche factory was created in 1833, near the family windmill where Peugeot’s industrial adventure began.

Its history began with the manufacturing of hand tools, then continued with the production of coffee grinders, then mechanical tools (files, pliers, pincers, hammers…). In 1900, there were more than 1,060 people on the site, which produced 750,000 grinders and 800,000 forks.

Subsequently, Terre Blanche specialized in electrical tools, then, in the 1960s, in restoring engines and gearboxes.

The inauguration of the Terre Blanche Archive Center in September 2010 marked a new episode in the rich history of this site.

  • Personnel at Terre Blanche, 1881
    Personnel at Terre Blanche, 1881