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The missions

Les missions du centre d'archives de Terre Blanche.

The missions


Each document goes to the room most suitable for its preservation. That means it is preserved in optimum conditions in terms of temperature and remative humidity, according to the recommendations of the Archives de France.

  • Historical Archives and large-format documents
  • Iconographic and audiovisual archives
  • More than 220 000 technical plans from all areas
  • 3 000 000 microfiches
  • Already 4 km of archives inventoried
  • and 13, 500 posters found
  • 1,8 million photos
  • 15, 500 magnetic tapes
  • 4,500 film reels
  •  Communication

The Center welcomes and assists researchers and historians with their work. Inventories are put online and documents can be selected in the internet, via a consultation portal. This heritage is also showcased through exhibitions.