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Assign your archives

Almost all of us have old papers or objects in our drawers, testimonials to the history of PSA. But we don’t know to whom we should entrust them when we find them during a clear-out, a transfer, a move, or a retirement.

In 2006, PSA Peugeot Citroën launched the Terre Blanche Archive Center project in order to preserve and showcase these historical documents. After a few years of collecting and sorting the archives as well as renovating the site, the center was inaugurated in September 2010.

To contribute to the ongoing recording of this history, you can send us the letters, plans, photos, posters, books, and brochures which are part of the history of the Group, its brands, and its past or present subsidiaries. Contracts are available for your donation or deposit.

E-mail : patrimoine-archives@mpsa.com