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Scanner de livres, tirages photographiques, etc...

The digitization

The Center has chosen to use new technologies for safeguarding and showcasing its history.

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The restauration campaigns

The center collects sometimes badly damaged documents, which have been conserved for years in extreme conditions : stored in cellars or attics, glued on rigid substrates, highly exposed to light … many degrading factors that accelerate the weathering processes and threaten their integrity.

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Conservation of the Group’s heritage

Spread over an area of 2,500 m², there are 7 storage facilities, all secured and protected against fire. The archives are arranged according to their medium and how precious they are.

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Entrée du site de Terre Blanche après travaux

The missions

Each document goes to the room most suitable for its preservation. That means it is preserved in optimum conditions in terms of temperature and remative humidity, according to the recommendations of the Archives de France.

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Thierry Peugeot, Roland Peugeot, Laurens d’Albis et Philippe Varin

The Endowment Fund

Created in 2010, the board of directors is presided over by Mr. Thierry Peugeot

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Salle de lecture après travaux

The stages of the rehabilitation

Turning a tool factory into an archive center involves major renovations. The rehabilitation of the site began in 2006 and was completed in 2010, having respected the spirit of the original buildings.

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Le site de Terre Blanche - 1990

The history of the site

In the environs of Sochaux, it’s on the oldest PSA Peugeot Citroën industrial site still active. The Terre Blanche factory was created in 1833, near the family windmill where Peugeot’s industrial adventure began.

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