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Over the course of time, designers have used different supports, which vary depending on the time period

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A favorite medium for publicity, they appeared in the form familiar to us today towards 1850, elevated by the renowned illustrator Toulouse-Lautrec.

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Publicités en bobines de films argentiques 16 mm.

Audiovisual documents

Since the invention of cinema in 1895, several methods have been used to show successions of images to create animated sequences.

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Photography was invented in 1825; this technique became accessible to the general public by 1839 with the advent of the daguerreotype, a direct-positive process that made it possible to capture an image. Later, three supports for recording an image co-existed:

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Written documents

Manufactured in Europe starting in the XIIIth century, paper was first made from hemp or linen rags, then later from cotton rags, unlike parchment, which is made from animal hides. In the XIXth century, rising textile prices led to almost systematic use of wood in paper production.

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